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The human body is considered art.

But your hair is also a part of your body and it has an amazing amount of visual appeal. Just the way you tie your hair, the way you style it transforms your entire appearance.

It’s art.

And as much it is beautiful and artistic, one thing that gets forgotten quite easily is the durability of hair and taking care of it.

In trying to look artistic and doing things to your hair, it takes on a ton of abuse.

What you can consider doing to protect one of your best and artistic asset is to use the proper top natural shampoos.

When people paint, they need a form of platform.

For painting it’s as simple as a piece of paper or on a canvas.

For hair beauty and artistry, the canvas is the hair.

It curls, it straightens, it defines the contours of your face. It’s no wonder than companies pay billions a year to promote their productions. And the best plan of action is to take care of it.

Here are some artistic hair tips that you can try at home.

Make a Bun with Your Hair

An easy and elegant bun that you can do at home instead of letting hair go down in wispery fashion.

Here are two version of the bun.

One is formal, one is casual.

Which one pleases your eye the most?

hair bun visual guide

hair bun visual guide

This one is a more casual format.

Here’s the second.

hair bun formal

hair bun formal

It’s not everyday that someone can rock the bun to an award.

Reese Witherspoon shows class and elegance here.

It gives off a more professional and determined feel. A very confident and visually astounding piece of art.

Artistic Hairdo for Short Hair

With fall coming, here is another idea for your hair. Some of the most recommended natural shampoos make it easier to sustain the hairdo.

Other tools like curlers and flat irons will make it even more so.

But here are another couple of ideas.

See if you can try it out yourself.

natural fly away bob

natural fly away bob

This style is very simple but quite difficult to get right because it doesn’t work on just any type of hair.

Mostly caucasians are suited to this style as their hair is thinner than most others.

With a hand of wax in your palm and by running your fingers gently through your hair, you can create this effect of like wind blowing through your hair.

Look at that killer smile too.

That is an artistic shot.


Hair is always forgotten. But it requires a lot of thought and damage control to be at your best.

It’s artistic and when done right, you won’t be able to look away.